Feli Sheet is a new type of beauty point sheet mask developed in collaboration with Kimono Brain Co. The ultra-thin nano-fiber sheet NafiaS® is filled with a beauty essence*1 extracted from “green cocoon” silk*2. The sheet is transparent and adheres to wrinkles and uneven surfaces, so you will feel a sense of oneness with your skin that you may forget that you are applying it. By applying the sheet at the end of your regular skincare routine, you can expect the luxurious beauty ingredients contained in the sheet to increase the penetration*3 of your basic cosmetics. Even if you apply the sheet for a long time, it will not deprive your skin of moisture, so by using it for a long time from bedtime to the morning, the beauty ingredients will soak into every nook and cranny of the stratum corneum.

1 Hydrolyzed sericin *2 Comparison with Silk Life Institute serum *3 To the stratum corneum